Although several of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped in value over the past few months, the overall market in new cryptocurrencies is strong. Most of the problems associated with the trading of the larger coins are the result of Bitcoin applying to and becoming listed on the Chicago Board of Exchange as a commodity. This has resulted in professional investors, hedge funds, and brokers trading both long and short in Bitcoin which increases the volatility of trading in Bitcoin. Since most commodities are traded base on charting and since the charts for Bitcoin have yet to be developed, this trading volatility will eventually work through the normal progression of commodity trading which should decease the volatility and increase the price and value of Bitcoin.
While this process is working out, buyers of new, solid based, cryptocurrencies are looking to be on the ground floor of ICOs to experience the increase in value of these new cryptocurrencies. This is especially true with those ICOs that have an operating business with the demonstrated potential for profits.
OutCloud Systems, Inc. has developed such a business model that unlike its competitors is designed to produce profits. Unlike Dropbox or other similar programs that have never made a profit even with 500 million subscribers, OutCloud Systems ( will make a profit even from free accounts with the sale of advertising on its delivery program. As the number of subscribers for the OutCloud Systems program increases, its sale and value of advertising will also increase.

Currently, the company projects that the sale of its coin on exchanges after the ICO should increase within 800% to 1200% over the first year. The company considers this projection as conservative in that the company’s marketing program for subscribers, which are also potential investors in the company’s coin, will increase in volume once the ICO is completed and the OOTC program launched. This increase in marketing will have a positive effect on the value of the OutCloud Systems, Inc. Coin. The company believes that its coin value could be much higher than projected.

The buyer is hereby advised that our Whitepaper merely gives an overview of the planned investment and business activity of the company and the planned OutCloud Systems, Inc Coin. The Whitepaper cannot however replace any economic, legal, tax or other advice. Every buyer should therefore check the concomitant opportunities and risks independently and where necessary with the aid of external consultants prior to purchase. Buyers are particularly recommended to get advice on the legal, regulatory and tax consequences of a purchase.

The company accepts no liability for the personal financial objectives set by buyers with the purchase of OutCloud Systems Coin. Calculations, projections and statements about the future calculations or projections presented in this Whitepaper are essentially based on the experiences or assessments of the company’s management. In this respect this Whitepaper also contains statements about the future – particularly subjective objectives for the future business development of the company, which are however associated with uncertainty and risk. These statements reflect the current assessments and expectations of the company with regard to future events. These assessments and expectations may contain errors of perception or evaluation and thus be proved incorrect. Calculations have been prepared with care and commercial foresight. Nevertheless, the possibility cannot be excluded that events or developments not taken into account in the calculations or projections may lead to significant deviations in the actual results for the company and thus also where applicable to deterioration in the value of the planned OutCloud Systems, Inc. Coin from that calculated or projected. There can therefore be no guarantee that the developments and results described in this Whitepaper are actually achieved. The buyer bears the risk of diverging developments and results.